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I’m an award-winning author, a publicity professional, and a highly-rated educator on writing, publishing, and book promotion topics. My Author Pro courses and services allow me to share my knowledge and make your publishing adventure as easy as possible, whether your goal is to traditionally or independently publish.
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Building Your Online Author Image

Learn how to create an engaging, professional, and consistent online image across multiple platforms.
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Social Media for Authors

Learn how to set up and utilize five different social media platforms, focusing on guidelines for authors.
View course $89

Make the Most of Your Author Profile at Online Retailers

Learn how to use Amazon Author Central & build author profiles at other retailers/distributors. 
View course $20

Are Writing Contests Worth the Fees?

We all want a shiny gold sticker for our book cover! But how can we know which contests are reputable to enter?
View course $25

Goodreads Tutorial

Learn how to set up and use the features of your Goodreads author profile. 
View course $15

Online Author Image - Professional Audit

An expert audit of your online presence, providing an easy-to-follow guide for improvement.
View course $99

Query Letter Edit

Let me help you create a precisely written query that grabs the attention of agents and/or editors. 
(Turn-around time 14 days or less.)
View course $30

Publication Path Consultation

A 1-hour conversation to guide you toward the best path for publication based on your goals, writing genre, and project readiness. 
View course $30

Pick My Brain Discussion

A 1-hour discussion/Q&A on any publishing/writing topics.
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7 Steps for the Beginning Writer

How to get started. Seven clear steps to follow for the beginning writer. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD!
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Manuscript Editing in 6 Stages

Edit your whole manuscript in six stages with this FREE pdf download.
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Why you need an imprint!

The importance of establishing an imprint for independent publishing and how to set one up! FREE PDF
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Media Kit Checklist

Create your media kit with this handy checklist created specifically for authors.
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About Valerie Biel

She is the author of the award-winning, Celtic-mythology inspired Circle of Nine series. When she’s not writing (or traveling), she’s assisting other authors with their projects or teaching about writing and publishing at writerly events. She has a degree in Journalism and Political Science, and lives in the Midwest with her husband and occasionally an adult child (or two). She regularly dreams of a cottage on the Irish coast where she can write and write.

What Customers Are Saying . . .

“Thanks to Valerie Biel whose guidance, wisdom, and invaluable assistance has promoted Weepers to more people and places than I could have imagined. In addition, her generous and kind but direct manner has provided me with, not only a publicist, but also a trusted and brilliant friend.” – Award-winning author, Nick Chiarkas

Working with Valerie is fun, she develops promotions I would never have thought of and always works with me, not for me. Working with Valerie is an opportunity every independent author should seriously consider.” - Rex Owens, author of the Murphy’s Troubles Series 

“The thought of designing a website was totally intimidating to me,  but a necessity for building a proper platform for my book. However, Valerie turned a daunting project into an exciting and creative process. I love the end-result and so do my colleagues and readers.” – author Maryclaire Torinus (Hospice Help Pro)

Valerie Biel’s energy and enthusiasm for helping fellow writers achieve success earns five stars. I’ve attended workshops and online classes including Building Your Online Author Image where she gives practical, detailed information. Whether it’s how to find an agent, become more comfortable with social media, or writing tips in general, she keeps fellow writers up to date and freely shares her favorite tips." - Amy Laundrie, author
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