Building Your Online Author Image by Valerie Biel

Building Your Online Author Image

A guide to creating an engaging, professional, and consistent online image across multiple platforms.


Meet your instructor Valerie Biel and learn how the Author Pro courses are designed to make 
your writing and publishing journey easier and less stressful! 


How you present yourself online is a key component to your success as an author.
The first impression people form about you will often come from digital sources like your website, social media accounts, book sales’ websites, blog and more. 

In this course, you'll learn the importance of a consistent, engaging, and professional online image across multiple platforms. We'll address best practices, tips, and tools to make setting up your digital image as easy as possible, focusing specifically on: 
  • Website design
  • Blogs/newsletters (including email subscription services)
  • Book sales' sites (like Amazon)
  • Goodreads
  • Social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/YouTube)
  • Writing Association Membership Websites
Each area is presented in a separate module, so it is easy to take one thing at a time and start and stop as needed. The course remains available to you to return to at any time to review material. I'll also be available to answer questions submitted via email.

Do you already have an established online image?
This course will work well for you, too. You can use the tutorials as a way to tidy up what you already have in place and learn what's new.

The course includes: 14 video tutorials with more than 2.5 hours of instruction plus 5 detailed resource handouts. (Scroll down for the full course outline.)

Let's get started!
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What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos File Icon 5 files


Introduction - What We'll Cover
Welcome and Overview Video
4 mins
Your Author Website
Your Author Website - Resource Handout.pdf
556 KB
Website Tutorial
24 mins
Blog or Newsletter or Both? (Plus Email Subscription Systems!)
Blog / Newsletter / Email Subscription System - Resource Handout.pdf
552 KB
Blog/Newsletter/Email Subscription Systems Tutorial
13 mins
Online Bookstores & Distributors (Amazon Author Central)
Online Bookstores & Distributors - Resource Handout.pdf
559 KB
Online Bookstore & Distributor Website Tutorial
18 mins
Review Websites (Goodreads)
Review Websites - Resource Handout.pdf
543 KB
Review Websites Tutorial
14 mins
Social Media Platforms
Social Media - Resource Handout.pdf
560 KB
Social Media Intro and General Information Video
12 mins
Facebook Tutorial
18 mins
Twitter Tutorial
15 mins
Instagram Tutorial
12 mins
Linked In Tutorial
8 mins
YouTube Tutorial
8 mins
Social Media Management Tools
7 mins
Writing Associations
Membership Organization Listings
4 mins
You did it! What now?
2 mins

What customers are saying . . .

“Thanks to Valerie Biel whose guidance, wisdom, and invaluable assistance has promoted Weepers to more people and places than I could have imagined. In addition, her generous and kind but direct manner has provided me with, not only a publicist, but also a trusted and brilliant friend.” – Award-winning author, Nick Chiarkas 

“The thought of designing a website was totally intimidating to me,  but a necessity for building a proper platform for my book. However, Valerie turned a daunting project into an exciting and creative process. I love the end-result and so do my colleagues and readers.” – author Maryclaire Torinus (Hospice Help Pro)